Welcome to the 2020/2021 blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2020/2021 MSc Entomology blog! Firstly, sorry for the delayed introductions. As we all know, 2020 has been a bit of an unusual year so far. We are all taking new steps and precautions to help keep ourselves and each other safe during these uncertain times. So, as you can imagine when starting a new degree course, things have been a little more challenging than usual this year. Nonetheless, here we all are and we are ready to share our MSc journeys with the world! So buckle up, grab a cup of something warm and get ready for the quirky content that comes with studying an MSc Entomology course in 2020!

Firstly, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Aimee and for some reason unknown to me, I have been entrusted with the sacred role of managing this year’s Entomology blog. So, fortunately for you lovely readers (or unfortunately I suppose… can’t win them all!) you will be hearing from me quite a lot over the next 11 months. A bit about me: Well, I am not exactly new to Harper Adams. I completed my undergrad in Wildlife Conservation here before deciding that there is no where I would rather be for my MSc. I have always been interested in pest and disease management, but up until last year I had no idea what kind of careers were possible. The opportunity to study the abundance, distribution and movement of slugs in domestic gardens for my undergraduate project introduced me to the entomology team at Harper. I was lucky enough to work closely with some incredible members of staff, building a project that got me well and truly hooked. From that moment, I knew that this was a group of people that I would love nothing more than to learn from. I am now studying for an MSc in Integrated Pest Management, learning all about insects (but my love for slugs will always pull through!). I have a terrible sense of humour, as I am sure this blog will reveal, and perhaps spend way too much time on Twitter. P.S. be sure to follow the @entomasters for live MSc updates!

Aimee using RFID technology to relocate tagged slugs. (@tonks_aimee)

Anyway, that is enough about me! I am sure you are far more interested to know about the on-goings of the Entomology MSc so far. We have all officially been enrolled, inducted, sanitised and have online checked in to more desks than, before 2020, we ever thought we would. We are settling in and are getting pretty good at playing the ‘can I recognise you behind your mask’ game! Jokes aside, it has been a steep learning curve – but Harper is feeling like one of the safest places to be right now. We have successfully completed the teaching for our first two modules: Research and Information Skills and The Biology and Taxonomy of Insects (blog post to come!). Despite the challenges, we have learnt so much and have achieved in-person learning thanks to the tremendous work of all of the Harper Adams Entomology team. This may be a strange year for us all, but it is clear that the standard of teaching at Harper Adams is unshakable and I look forward to updating you all on our journey.

For now, take care, stay safe and keep your eyes peeled for more student introductions and module posts to come!


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