A-Z of Entomology

Our series of A-Z of Entomology video shorts are aimed at educating 10-16 year olds about the wonders of the insect world (kids of all ages welcome too though 🙂 ).  It is an ongoing project and will be evolving over the course of the academic year so check back soon to see what else has been added.

A is for Aphid: Prof. Simon kicks off the series. View his aphid video here.

B (coming soon)

C (coming soon)

D is for Dragonflies / Damselflies: An excellent insight from Andrew Cutts. View the video here

E is for Eating Insects: By Ceri Watkins and Katy Dainton. View the video here. For further information about entomophagy and more delicious insect recipes click on the following links. The FAO Edible Insects report is available in full here.

Recipes: Spicy Chilli CricketsMealworm Burgers; Bee L T from Girl Meets Bug; The Telegraph Chocolate Chirp Cookies;  Grasshopper recipes; Termite Salsa Dip

Many thanks to Crunchy Critters for supplying the dehydrated edible insects in our video. Our favourite was the Sago worm.

Why not try a bush tucker banquet?

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F (coming soon)

G (coming soon)

H (coming soon)

I (coming soon)

J (coming soon)

K (coming soon)

L (coming soon)

M is for Moths: Jon Finch talks to us about these fascinating insects. View the video here

N (coming soon)

O (coming soon)

P (coming soon)

Q (coming soon)

R (coming soon)

S (coming soon)

T is for Tracking insects: Dr Tom Pope tells us how to track insects and what we can learn by doing so. View the video here

U (coming soon)

V is for Vine Weevil: Another fantastic video from Dr Tom Pope. View the video here

W is for Wasps: Chris Mackin offers a great look at these somewhat misunderstood insects. View the video here

X (coming soon)

Y (coming soon)

Z (coming soon)

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